Meet the Kickstarter Team!

The Two Guys Responsible for this Insanity

Jeffrey Ventrella developed the core character system (and continues to do so). An artist, programmer, and innovator in virtual worlds, avatar body language, and animated artificial life, Jeffrey has a Masters degree from the MIT Media Lab. He co-founded the virtual world, and built avatar systems and "flexies" for Second Life. He is the creator of Gene Pool, and Peck Peck. Jeffrey is also the author of Virtual Body Language, Brainfilling Curves, and Divisor Drips.

Barry Stump is a vast creative force with deep knowledge in software development. He also has significant experience in Kickstarter (having backed over 100 Kickstarter campaigns). Barry knows databases and geolocation like the back of his hand, and is also quite a nimble maker in the physical universe. Barry is the father of two young gifted boys who have given us lots of ideas for future wiglet games.

The Extended Team

Matt Moller, cofounder of Work Petaluma, instigated this project and helped get the augmented reality system going. He also provided critical whip-cracking in the beginning stages.

Natasha Juliana, cofounder of Work Petaluma, is a brilliant social gatherer and thought-leader in sustainable education and lifestyle, and has contributed great ideas for this project.

Fermin Mata, a talented graphic designer and entrepreneur, truly understands Kickstarter, having been on the receiving end of a successful $50,000 campaign. While at Live Nation, Fermin's clients included Alice Cooper, Janet Jackson, and Madonna.

Ralph Scott, head of Too Nuts Productions, is a book editor with extensive experience in children's content. He has worked in the publishing world in New York and Los Angeles.

Ken Pearce is a veteran of the computer animation industry. He helped Jeffrey get Wiggle Planet started in late 2012. His career includes Director of Animation and R&D at Dreamworks. He earned an Emmy award, and most recently worked on facial motion capture for the film Gravity.

Armand Ramirez is a creative contributor and collaborator on many fronts on this project.

The Yellow Guy. He's just cool.

Special Thanks
Peter Torres


Nuala Creed
Brian Dodd
Philip George
Jessica Medina
Julie Petersen
Will Rogers
Candace Stump
Bryce Young


Phil Beffrey
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